Angela Calvert


My now-husband and I have been to a lot of weddings and seen a lot of wedding videos...And we knew what we DIDN’T want. Everyone has their own style, but let’s just say, we knew we did not want any grilled CHEESE near our special day. We also did not want photographers and videographers that blocked guest views of special moments (yes, we have observed that at a few weddings, and yes, we were the ones blocked). Nor did we want the photographer or videographer that is super rigid and unflexible (think, schedule Nazi). Northbound Weddings met all of our criteria and exceeded them on many levels. Their journalistic style really fit with our personalities and after meeting the crew, we knew that it would be a relaxed day if they were there with us. They were excellent flies on the wall and were unobtrusive participants that captured great moments. They were flexible and were still able to smile after taking photos of my large extended family, and considering my family is vey Chinese and very opinionated that is saying a lot. I would recommend Northbound Weddings to anyone in search of photographers and videographers who are outside the box and not wedding-fair-tastic.