Words cannot express the gratitude and happiness we feel about our wedding video. It truly brought us back to that special day, and it really told the story of how the day unfolded. The actual wedding day goes by so fast and it is really easy to forget all the little details that we spent so much time planning, but this video brought it all back for us. Northbound went above and beyond what was expected not only in the filming but the editing as well. It was a magical moment watching the video for the first time, and it brought tears to both Doug and I. In the few short minutes of the video, you were able to capture the very essence of us, who we are as a couple and who we are individually. You were able to put our love for each other and our friends and family into this film in so many ways. I think what is most evident in the video is that you made the most overwhelming day so intimate. You guys are truly amazing and we appreciate all the time and personal attention that you gave to our wedding day.
— Mrs. Ashlee Pierce-Cabeal

My husband and I remain eternally grateful to the entire team at Northbound Weddings for their work in capturing our wedding day. From the moment they arrived to film the bridal party getting ready to the final moment that the music was turned off and the lights came on, Northbound was there to capture every single moment. I did not realize the full value of having Northbound document our wedding day until we received our wedding highlight video and longer full-length video. The wedding day passed by so quickly that everything was a blur. Northbound captured every special moment and we were able to re-live it. The wedding highlight video was particularly touching because it really summarized the emotion (tears and laughter and smiles) of the entire wedding. I posted the video on my Facebook page and so many friends (including people who did not attend the wedding or whom I had not spoken to in years) commented on how the highlight video had made them bawl! I look forward to re-watching our wedding videos with my husband for years to come and being able to pass on this special heirloom to our children and grandchildren.
— Mrs. Monelle Abaya

Being a very budget conscious bride, I wasn’t too sure how a videographer fit into my budget. After selecting photographer, planner, caterer and venue it just seemed to slip lower and lower on our list of needs. However, as I talked to other brides, I was hearing the same thing over and over again ‘Did you hire a videographer?’ ‘Are you going to do a video?’ and each of them seemed to emphasize how much they either regretted not doing this, or valued the fact that they had done this. I then seemed to realize this was something I should explore. After much time and consideration, we decided to work with North Bound Films. They were absolutely wonderful on the day of and even leading up to our wedding. They worked fabulously with our other vendors and seemed to blend right in...never being ‘obvious’ to our guests. Once we received our video, I knew we had absolutely made the right decision. We were completely blown away by the quality and style of our footage and there is never a dry eye when I share it. My take away from all of this is that you walk away from your wedding with very few things....memories, your wedding bands, photos and hopefully a video! It is something we will cherish forever and was most definitely one of the best investments we made in our wedding!
— Mrs. Ashley Moulton

My now-husband and I have been to a lot of weddings and seen a lot of wedding videos...And we knew what we DIDN’T want. Everyone has their own style, but let’s just say, we knew we did not want any grilled CHEESE near our special day. We also did not want photographers and videographers that blocked guest views of special moments (yes, we have observed that at a few weddings, and yes, we were the ones blocked). Nor did we want the photographer or videographer that is super rigid and unflexible (think, schedule Nazi). Northbound Weddings met all of our criteria and exceeded them on many levels. Their journalistic style really fit with our personalities and after meeting the crew, we knew that it would be a relaxed day if they were there with us. They were excellent flies on the wall and were unobtrusive participants that captured great moments. They were flexible and were still able to smile after taking photos of my large extended family, and considering my family is vey Chinese and very opinionated that is saying a lot. I would recommend Northbound Weddings to anyone in search of photographers and videographers who are outside the box and not wedding-fair-tastic.
— Mrs. Angela Calvert